5 awesome sites to play Doraemon games online

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If as a kid you enjoyed watching Doraemon cartoon and even read the comic books and probably even after growing up do still love Doraemon , there is one thing I am sure you will enjoy even more and that is playing amazing Doraemon games online and that too free of cost. In case you are looking for a site that offers amazing Doraemon games note that below in this article I have given list of 5 websites you should definitely try out.



There are many websites that will offer you not only Doraemon games but also numerous games based on other cartoons. One such awesome website is onlydoraemon.com. Not only does this website have cool Doraemon and Nobita games, it also consists of games based on cartoons such as Barbie, Ben-10, Mario and even Pokémon. The 3 Doraemon and Nobita related games that are definitely worth spending your time playing on this webpage are the Gian Recital game, the Mice Invasion and also the Motorcycle.



The onlytoongames.com like the above mentioned site not only provides you with amazing Doraemon related game but also provides you numerous game based on cartoons varying from Mario to bratz. In case you are interested only in the Doraemon games the site provides note that a total of 70 games are available to you which again are quite good. The 3 Doraemon related games that you should spend time playing on this site are the Street Race game, the Tank Attack game and also the Catch firefly game.


In case you are on the lookout for a webpage that provides games based on just Doraemon and its various characters then the webpage that you should be playing on is Doraemongamesonly.com. This websites brings to you numerous fun flash games based on Doraemon characters like Nobita, Doraemon etc. that you can opt to play in case you are bored. The 3 Doraemon games I think are the best on this website are Doraemon bicycle, the Doraemon Gian game and also the dress up Doraemon game. Remember to give these games a try whenever you feel like playing Doraemon games.


The problem with the playdoraemongames.com webpage is that it is probably not as efficient as some of the other webpages you will come across on the internet or the webpages given above in this article but in case there is an issue with the other sites then this webpages does offer a good alternative. The 3 Doraemon games you should try out on this site are the Badminton, the Ghost and also the Bowling game.



Another webpage that stands out in this list is the alldoraemongames.com and offers to you not just Doraemon games but many other excellent games as well. A thing you will like a lot about this site is that new games are updated every 2-3 weeks. So it would be way better if you keep this one webpage bookmarked. The 3 Doraemon games that you should definitely play on this website are the Doraemon Run, the Gift Box and also the Run runs.

5 Awesome Tips and Tricks for Playing Clash of Clans

Playing the Clash of Clans game may not be actually turn out to be as simple as you may have thought when you began playing it. The game is quite difficult and you will have to battle various enemies. You will need to come up with good attacking as well as defensive strategies to win. So in case you are one who is looking for some guidance to improve at playing the game you have come to the right pace. Below are few awesome tips and tricks that will definitely help you out.

Lightning Spells

In case you did not know note that the enemy units you need to destroy first are actually the mortars since they can cause a heavy amount of damage to your units and the best possible way to get rid of enemy mortars is by making use of Lightning Spells. Caste the lighting spells 1-2 times once the lighting spell is high. Doing so will help you attack your enemies more easily since you won’t have to worry about being attacked by enemy mortars.



If you thought losing trophies was bad for you, you’re wrong. In fact to some extent it can actually work to your advantage because when you have huge number of trophies you have battle tougher enemies and when you actually reduce the number of trophies you battle slightly easier enemies.

Lowering the number of trophies is actually very simple. All you will have to do is begin a battle and then just simply surrender. Every time you surrender you will lose trophies. All you now have to do is continue surrendering till you reach an acceptable trophy count. This will also help you gather resources more easily.

Btw, you can now play android games like clash of clans using bluestacks. However, make sure you use a france-based seedbox server to avoid downloading any malwares.

Make use of Goblins to find Hidden enemy Tesla traps and bombs

You should remember that Goblins are actually the quickest troops available to you in the Clash of Clans game and that is why they are actually the best way to locate hidden enemy traps and bombs. Goblins are so quick that every time they trigger a bomb or trap they are actually able to run away from them by the time they explode. So make sure you send out goblins in search of enemy traps and bombs next time you feel the need to do so.

Make sure you upgrade your bombs

Every time you get the chance, remember to upgrade your bombs because every time you upgrade them they become more powerful and cause a higher amount of damage to the enemy units. Another thing you need to remember is that each time a bomb or trap is activated during an attack by your enemies you will have to reset them so that they function again during the next attack.

Make sure you join a Clan

Whenever you get the chance to construct your Clan Castle make sure you go ahead and do it because only when you construct it you will be able to join a clan. Joining a clan will make it easier for you to win battles since you will have the help of other members.